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Mindmatics Sdn Bhd is a dynamic and progressive Boutique Information Technology House with a clear objective - to provide organizations with innovative and cost effective business solutions through efficient deployment of advanced technology products and services.

Mindmatics brings together a multi-disciplined team able to undertake every aspect of consultancy, infrastructure design, sourcing, installation and support. It is a team with the ability to deliver quick and efficient solutions to your every need.

As your technology partner, Mindmatics work with you to create a competitive advantage using rapidly emerging technologies while always ensuring a versatile and reliable platform for your information systems that can adapt to changing business priorities.

Our relationship with many of the key technology providers ensures we can offer expert independent advice on the most advantageous networking, hardware and software solutions for your organization.


Our Command Center Management System is a complete networked, resource efficient with embedded process integration tools. The increasing demand to optimize resources while integrating more functions in the industrial control systems is stretching the capabilities of typical design approaches.

The modern industry demands higher operation efficiency, more complex processing, and robust networking connectivity. Industries are looking beyond the typical microprocessors to enable functions running at optimum speed. We provide a flexible development infrastructure that extends operational output and reach, combining performance and flexibility.


We have experience in designing, building, and integrating resource management systems for satellite communications. These systems are designed to maximize the usage of satellite and network resources while maintaining the quality of service requirements.

Integrated into the gateway or central operation center of a communications service provider, we provide real-time management of network resources at the global, national, and gateway level. Our proven system design, extensive domain knowledge, and customized software framework enable us to provide a complete satellite management solution.


The communication sector has undergone a substantial transformation. Communications management solutions must not only meet stringent industry standards, they must also be rugged enough to operate in remote and harsh environments. New trends include the internationalization of operation, the growing centrality of information technology and the privatization of services.

​ Despite with the ongoing challenges and transformation in the communication industry, Mindmatics is capable to provide solutions in every angle and level to suit your communication management needs.


Our Microwave Management System provides high-quality microwave solutions that work seamlessly together in all environments. It allows better management of your microwave radio networks.

​ With an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and a full suite of integrated tools, network operator can remotely monitor and control the status and configuration of the entire network. Also, the system is able to monitor the performance of microwave links in real-time, with clear displays of various radio parameters and advance alarm management.


In an environment of global connection and cyber terrorism, the protection of information is vital to every private business, public organization and individual household.

​ Our Cyber Management System is a thorough protocol system ensuring all risks are considered and mitigated. Aided by a series of work programs, checklists and structured standard operating procedures of a fully documented audit trail. This help organizations with data protection and cyber compliance.


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